21 Creepiest Movie Killers: Killer Characters!

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There have been plenty of murderous souls in the movies over the last century that the medium has been around. But, how many of them can sport the title of being the creepiest of movie killers?

Well, we name 21 of the creepiest movie murderers in Hollywood history and there are a few that you know have to be on this list. That guy uttering those American Psycho quotes could be here! 

Oh, and watch Se7en online and Kevin Spacey’s John Doe is about as creepy as they come. His appearance in that film was such a shock that the actor let his name be kept off all posters and marketing for maximum creep factor when the David Fincher film hit theaters.

And yeah, it worked.

And sure, Hannibal Lecter has to be on our list, but watch The Silence of the Lambs online and there’s two movie murderers from that flick on our list!

Who else is? And by the way, we're not counting those blunt force killers or supernatural killers that can be seen in films such as Halloween, Friday the 13th or even Freddie from Nightmare on Elm Street

Click through and discover our 21 creepiest movie killers that could come right out of the real world!

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