21 Outstanding Actor Turned Director Debuts: I Really Want to Direct!

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They say in Hollywood that everyone who is an actor or actress, really wants to direct. It's an old saying, that has almost become cliche. 

Many actors and actresses do try to helm their own movies, and more often than not, it does not work out all that well. 

Others, do it as brilliantly as some of our most esteemed directors and several have even won Oscar gold for Best Director in the process, like Kevin Costner with Dances with Wolves -- his debut!

Rob Reiner would go on to make one of our favorite movies (check it out and watch The Princess Bride online). But, it was his directorial debut that truly wowed us and let the world know he would be a cinematic force of nature. 

And watch Braveheart online and there's another Oscar winner who was an actor turned director. But, did you know that Mel Gibson's directorial debut was quite the splash and made everyone take notice that not only could this Aussie act, but he could helm a picture as well?

It took Zach Braff 10 years to make another movie (Wish I Was Here) after his landmark directorial debut. The power that can be seen when you watch Garden State online easily tells us why following that classic was one titanic task.

So click through and discover the impressive directorial debuts for these 21 actors and actresses. 

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