24 Movie Talk Starts Again: Will Bauer Be Back?

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When Jack Bauer walked away from TV after eight successful seasons of 24, it appeared that Kiefer Sutherland and his kickass alter ego would be headed to the big screen. But, that didn’t happen and folks at Fox decided a better way to go (for now) was a return to TV in the form of a 12-episode mini-series that successfully ran this summer as 24: Die Another Day.

24 Die Another Day Kiefer Sutherland

After the success of that short-run series, producer Brian Grazer believes he has found a story idea that would work for the big screen and those 24 movie rumors are heating up anew.

We would love to see Bauer on the big screen dishing out his unique brand of justice. But, we also wonder if the same problem that derailed the first try at a 24 movie has been dealt with.

The entire premise of 24 is that the clock is ticking in real time and how that would be captured in a 2 hour format of a film will surely be complicated. If anyone can do it, I believe the folks behind this wildly original TV hit can do it… but it will take some serious work and writing talent.

Given Sutherland’s eagerness to return to the role, even for a second tour on TV, we suspect he will sign on for a 24 movie in a heartbeat. And given Grazer’s passion for quality, if it does come to the silver screen, it will surely be worth our time.

Stay tuned… and until then check out Sutherland’s last effort on the screen and watch Pompeii online

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