Four Interstellar TV Spots Revealed: New Footage From Christopher Nolan Epic!

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Paramount has unveiled four new TV spots for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar and each offers a little more footage than we’ve seen before. And honestly, if we weren’t already uber excited to see the sci-fi adventure before, these TV trailers have our anticipation meter through the roof.

The world is becoming barren as global warming has stripped us of the resources necessary to survive. Matthew McConaughey stars as a man who must leave his family behind and head out into the furthest reaches of space to try to find us a new home (along with fellow Oscar winner Anne Hathaway).

Nolan’s first non-Batman movie since he put a cork in the Dark Knight series has an epic scope and is timely beyond belief, as teased in the full-length Interstellar trailer. And as we see in the following TV spot, it is a heart-pounding thriller as well.

Interstellar lands in theaters and IMAX screens November 7 and also stars Jessica Chastain, Ellen Burstyn, John Lithgow, Michael Cane, Casey Affleck, Bill Irwin, Topher Grace and Wes Bentley.

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Interstellar Quotes

We've always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible. And we count these moments. These moments when we dare to aim higher, to break barriers, to reach for the stars, to make the unknown known. We count these moments as our proudest achievements. But we lost all that. Or perhaps we've just forgotten that we are still pioneers. And we've barely begun. And that our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, because our destiny lies above us.


Do not go gentle into that good night; Old age should burn and rave at close of day. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dr. Brand

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Interstellar is absolutely beautiful to look at and immediately it must be said that if possible, the Christopher Nolan film must be seen...

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