Ghostbusters 3: Kristen Wiig Responds to Bill Murray Casting Wishes

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A few days ago we reported on how Bill Murray wants Kristen Wiig and a few of his favorite comedic actresses to take over for him and the boys in the recently announced all-female Ghostbusters, aka Ghostbusters 3

Well, Wiig was at a press event for her movie The Skeleton Twins and was asked about that possibility.

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"I did just hear that. That’s nice, because Bill Murray is a hero of mine, so if he mentioned my name, I’m happy about that,” Wiig said.

Meanwhile, the Toronto Star got a chance to talk to Wiig and also asked her about Murray’s insistence that Wiig become a Ghostbuster.

"I will do whatever Bill Murray tells me to!"

We like it!

Watch Ghostbusters online to get ready for the upcoming project that is still being called Ghostbusters 3, although it appears to be looking more and more like a reboot! 

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