Jupiter Ascending Trailer: Channing Tatum & His Ears Save Earth!

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After a few delays, it’s nice to see a new Jupiter Ascending trailer arrive! The film was supposed to land this summer, and was pushed to February 6, 2015, and from what we can tell from the new footage, the latest from the Wachowskis will more than be worth the wait.

Channing Tatum stars as an alien solider who is sent to Earth to grab Mila Kunis before evil forces get to her first. See, we learn in the above teaser, that Earth was “seeded” hundreds of thousands of years ago and some of those that are responsible for our being are not exactly the nicest aliens in the galaxy.

The key to our future is Kunis’ princess, who doesn’t even know she’s an interstellar royal.  

Thus far, any promotional footage for Jupiter Ascending has focused on the action sequences, and what is such a treat about the latest trailer is how the Wachowskis are letting us in on some deeper plot points, namely the universe and its politics. It sure sounds a lot more deep than once thought.

And in hindsight, sounds exactly like the people who gave us Cloud Atlas and The Matrix.

Watch The Matrix online and witness their greatest work as we ready for their next great work in February.

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