No Good Deed Exclusive: Idris Elba Says It Is Good to be Bad!

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Idris Elba has become not only one of the most in demand actors of his generation, but also an audience favorite. He usually plays heroes or the protagonist at the least. But as you can see from the No Good Deed trailer, he is clearly the villain.

And what a bad guy he is -- goodness! 

We caught up with Elba for an exclusive video interview where he talked about the finer points of playing a character in No Good Deed with a penchant for evil and how that provides him as an actor even more to work with. Is it good to be bad?

“Yes, it is. You get to play more colors in the character,” Elba said. “Good guys get the best lines, but the bad guys get the best physics -- you get to do some crazy stuff.”

Elba also dishes the joy of working with his co-star Taraji P. Henson, who he terrorizes in No Good Deed, a home invasion jaw-dropper that will keep audiences guessing... right up until the thrilling end! 

Don’t miss No Good Deed in theaters September 12 and stay with Movie Fanatic for our exclusive chat with Elba’s co-star Henson tomorrow!

And watch Pacific Rim online to see Elba play the other side of the coin as a hero! 

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