Ouija International Trailer: This Thing Is Haunting Us!

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Anyone who has ever played the Ouija board game, knows on many levels that it really isn’t a game by any means. The board has been used for centuries to communicate with the dead and while you’re using it, that concept can be quite haunting.

So, you had to know it was only a matter of time before someone made a movie centered around the game and now we have one that even bears the board’s name.

Ouija lands in theaters just in time for Halloween, and the film has released an international trailer that fills in more scary blanks than that impressive first Ouija trailer that landed earlier last month.

Ouija stars Olivia Cooke, Bianca Santos, Ana Coto, Douglas Smith and Darren Kagasoff. The story follows what happens when Cooke’s character is determined to communicate with her recently deceased friend in the house where she perished under mysterious circumstances.

Yeah, I know… not a good idea. 

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