The 13 Best Maze Runner Quotes: What Is This Place?

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The Maze Runner box office success was overwhelming. It made over twice as much as the second place movie and made James Dashner's novel turned movie an enormous blockbuster.

The sequel to the film -- The Scorch Trials -- has already been green lit and that's hardly a surprise. We're beyond excited that Dylan O'Brien and the boys who survived the first film will be back in the sequel. 

And while we await that film's September 2015 release date, we explore one of the reasons why the first film struck such a chord with audiences -- those The Maze Runner quotes.

Click through and check out our favorite 13 The Maze Runner quotes!

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The Maze Runner Quotes

If you ain’t scared. You ain’t human.


Thomas: What's through there?
Newt: That's the maze. It never takes the same shape twice. Every morning when those doors open, there are runners who look for a way out and no one has ever survived a night in the maze.
Thomas: What happens to them?
Newt: We call them Grievers.

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