The Boxtrolls Clips: Elle Fanning Takes Over

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Focus Features and LAIKA have released two new clips from their highly anticipated animated film that arrives in merely two weeks, The Boxtrolls!

The first clip shows off what we think is one of the best parts of an all around fantastic movie. Elle Fanning’s turn as Winnie is sublime. The way she captures a Victorian English accent is the stuff of legend. The Maleficent star simply continues to impress us and audiences will surely agree when they see her do her thing as Winnie on September 26.

The second clip takes us inside the magical world of LAIKA and illustrates how the wizards of animation up there in Portland managed to find a unique language for The Boxtrolls.

See, the Boxtrolls live under the city and only come out at night to gather what the citizens of the town have thrown away. They don’t speak English, but they clearly have their own language and as you see in the below behind-the-scenes clip… much thought went into how to achieve that.

Watch The Boxtrolls trailer to truly capture the essence of this magical world and watch Coraline online to witness the first film in LAIKA’s run that shows no sign of slowing in the brilliance factor.  

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The Boxtrolls Quotes

Winnie: When you meet someone you must look them in the eye and shake hands
Winnie: What are you doing?

[on seeing eggs scratching his crotch] NO! Don't scratch those! That's why they're called privates!


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