The Boxtrolls Featurette: Inside Their Magical World

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As you can tell from the moment that first The Boxtrolls trailer arrived, the studio behind it – LAIKA – has not lost a beat and in fact, has only improved since they debuted Coraline several years ago. We marveled at their recent film ParaNorman and have put The Boxtrolls’ September 26 release date firmly on our calendar.

Focus Features and LAIKA are taking fans behind the scenes of their latest film with a featurette that puts the spotlight firmly on the magic makers of the Portland, Oregon-based stop motion animation house.

It is painstaking work, and watching these artists at work and talking about their rich artistic efforts is pure joy in the following featurette.

The Boxtrolls follows the story of a group of trolls who live below ground in the Dickensian town of Cheesebridge. They wear boxes over their bodies, thus their name! They adopt a young boy and name him Eggs (Isaac Hempstead-Wright).

When an evil man named Archibald Snatcher convinces the powers that be that the Boxtrolls are dangerous and that he must be allowed to kill them all, both townspeople and the trolls themselves begin a reign of fear of each other.

Eggs takes to the surface to try to convince the people of Cheesebridge that the Boxtrolls are kind souls and no one believes him, except a little girl named Winnifred (Elle Fanning).

The film is fantastic and brilliant on so many levels and one of our 31 fall films to watch.

Watch Coraline online to get a taste of what LAIKA can do and make sure to see The Boxtrolls at the end of September. 

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The Boxtrolls Quotes

Winnie: When you meet someone you must look them in the eye and shake hands
Winnie: What are you doing?

[on seeing eggs scratching his crotch] NO! Don't scratch those! That's why they're called privates!


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