The Maze Runner Clip: Survival Appears Impossible

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Fresh off that The Maze Runner trailer that spelled out the rules for this wild looking original story based on the book by James Dashner, we have a clip that shows what happens to stars Dylan O’Brien and Ki Hong Lee when they take a go at the treacherous landscape that is the titular real world puzzle.

The Maze Runner story is told from the point of view of O’Brien’s Thomas. He awakes in an underground elevator that is taking him to the surface. When he gets there, he’s among a group of boys his age, all who share his lack of knowledge of how they got there and more importantly, anything that came before this present moment.

They are surrounded by a monolithic maze that is the only way out. The only problem, no one that has gone in has ever come out. And after checking out our above clip, it’s easy to see why. That thing is nasty! 

The Maze Runner lands in theaters September 19 and also features a star-making turn from Will Poulter! Check out our slideshow of The Maze Runner posters and stills from the highly anticipated flick.

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The Maze Runner Quotes

If you ain’t scared. You ain’t human.


Thomas: What's through there?
Newt: That's the maze. It never takes the same shape twice. Every morning when those doors open, there are runners who look for a way out and no one has ever survived a night in the maze.
Thomas: What happens to them?
Newt: We call them Grievers.

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