Top 11 Highest Grossing Disney Animated Movies: Is Frozen, Lion King or Toy Story Tops?

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Disney has had a massive, enormous and gargantuan hit with Frozen.

But, is the movie that gave us those Frozen quotes the highest grossing Disney animated movie of all time in terms of international box office?

And where do some of the other hits from the Mouse House rank in terms of global gross?

We know that audiences have clamored for a sequel to The Incredibles and Finding Nemo for over a decade and both are on their way. That must mean that those first films generated some serious box office heat.  

Watch Frozen online and remind yourself why the film is clearly going to be at or near the top.

Want another clue as to who made this list? Watch Up online and you know that heart-tugging classic has to be near the top as well.

Click through and discover the highest grossing animated movies of all time in international box office for the icon that is Disney Animation.

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