Top 9 David Fincher Films: From Fight Club to Se7en!

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David Fincher is back doing astounding work with Gone Girl, based on the Gillian Flynn bestseller.

But, come to think of it, Fincher’s work has always been stellar, since he first graced us onscreen with Alien 3. We’re inspired by his upcoming film and his entire body of work, and decided to rank our top 9 David Fincher films!

Fincher got his start in music videos and one thing immediately became clear -- his visual style was uniquely his own, Just check out his work on Janie’s Got a Gun by Aerosmith and all you need to know about his filmmaking panache is right there in four short minutes.

So, how will his full filmography rank, according to Movie Fanatic?  

Watch Se7en online and watch Fight Club online and you know those two will be high on the list.

But, which movie of Fincher's will be number one?

Click through and discover our top 9 David Fincher movies!

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