Weekend Movie Preview: September 12, 2014

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After the first weekend in September arrived with no new movies, we've got three new flicks to discuss in this edition of the Weekend Movie Preview. 

Families will be ready to head back into the water for Dolphin Tale 2 and thriller movie junkies will get their thrill on with No Good Deed. Lastly, the final film in the distinguished career of James Gandolfini arrives with the dark crime drama, The Drop.

Let's break it down...

No Good Deed: Idris Elba is delightfully devilish as the villain in this thriller that finds him terrorizing Taraji P. Henson's mother who is home with her two young kids. Elba is an escaped convict who pretends to have car trouble in order to get into Henson's home, and feeling lonely and somewhat lost, she makes a bad decision and lets him in. And the thrills commence! 

As we stated in our No Good Deed review, this is not your average damsel in distress thriller. Henson holds her own and Idris, well, he's just a force of nature. 

Dolphin Tale 2: The story of Winter was told in Dolphin Tale -- the 2011 smash hit. There was actually more to that story and it is as astounding as the true tale told in the first film. 

Dolphins in captivity need a same sex dolphin with them in order to survive. They're extremely social creatures. And when Winter's compatriot passes away, the clock is ticking to find her a new friend. See, there are a lot of boxes that have to be checked off for it to work and for Winter to survive and not die from loneliness. For more, check out our Dolphin Tale 2 review and discover whether the journey to find Winter a friend is worth your time.

The Drop: Gandolfini may be the star and this may be his final film, but the real standout here is Tom Hardy. The man who was Bane in The Dark Knight Rises turns in the performance of his life as a perceived-to-be simpleton who possesses many more smarts than he lets on. This is a crime drama from the same writer who gave us Gone Baby Gone and Mystic River. And Boston has been traded in for the rough streets of Brooklyn for this crime drama that truly cooks. 

Hardy is simultaneously reserved, powerful and dynamic in the role, and as we stated in our The Drop review, this is one of the best crime thrillers we've seen in months. 

Feel like staying in this weekend? A huge film landed on digital download this week! Watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier online and prepare to see one of the best Marvel movies -- ever! 

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