Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Watch Early Footage Starring Paul Reubens!

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We all know, even in today’s cinematic world, that an animated movie can take years to bring to artistic light.

That was never truer than for the iconic Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The film landed in 1988 starring Bob Hoskins and was directed by Robert Zemeckis. It made a household name out of the title cartoon character and his animated movie love, Jessica Rabbit.

But, the film didn’t always look as fantastic as we remember.

And with the combining of animation and live action that was years ahead of its time… there was a lot of experimenting going on for years and years at the studio where they worked on Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

We’ve got a video that shows off some of that experimental footage, and some of it starred Paul Reubens!

Watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit online and witness how what you see above became a cinematic classic!  

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