11 Iconic Terminator Quotes: 30 Years of I’ll Be Back!

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The Terminator arrived on screens 30 years ago this week!

James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger would become household names, thanks to this instant sci-fi classic. But, what else the film did was introduce many, many memorable lines that would transcend pop culture and land in the vernacular of the human race.

As Terminator: Genisys gears up to reboot (is that what it’s doing?) the franchise, we look back and celebrate three decades of "I’ll be back" and so many more legendary lines.

Watch The Terminator online and revel in the supreme awesomeness that is a lesson in how you make a movie that does so much, with so little.

Click through and discover the 11 most iconic The Terminator quotes and be sure to check out all of our The Terminator quotes as a movie marvel turns 30!

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The Terminator Quotes

I'm Reese. Sergeant Tech-Com, DN38416. Assigned to protect you. You've been targeted for termination.

Kyle Reese

Pain can be controlled - you just disconnect it.

Kyle Reese