11 Things We Learned From Fury Cast: Go Inside the Tank!

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From that first Fury trailer, it was clear that writer-director David Ayer had done something extraordinary.

His story about a tank crew, led by Brad Pitt, deep in Germany in the waning days of World War II had the potential to be powerful beyond what we’ve seen prior for tank films. Then, we saw it and it blew us away.

We met with Ayer, along with his stars Michael Pena, Logan Lerman and Jon Bernthal, on the Sony lot and got some serious insight into the making of a new World War II classic.

The man who wrote those Training Day quotes, and proved his incredible talent as a filmmaker as the writer-director of End of Watch, impressed us even more when we met him in person.

And to hear the cast talk about Pitt, well, it might just make you want to jump into a tank with the superstar for the grueling shoot.

Click through and discover the 11 most riveting things we learned about Ayer’s Fury.

And to get a hint as to what you’re in for from this astounding filmmaker, watch End of Watch online

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Fury Quotes

Wardaddy: Fire! Hit that son of a bitch! Hit 'em!
Trini Garcia: Do your job! Do what you're here for!

Boyd 'Bible' Swan: Here's a Bible verse I think about sometimes. Manytimes. It goes
Norman Ellison: [Mumbling] Send me.
Wardaddy: Book of Isaiah, Chapter six.

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