13 Best Actor Winners' Worst Movies: Tops to Terrible!

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Winning the Oscar for Best Actor is the highest honor a person can achieve in the movie business. But, that doesn’t necessarily state that these fine thespians were always in movies worthy of Academy Awards!

So what are the worst movies of some of our most popular Oscar winners?

Watch The Big Lebowski online and you can see Jeff Bridges at one of his best moments on screen, and certainly his most popular.

What was his worst? We reveal it!

And millions adored Tom Hanks for his Oscar-winning turn that can be seen when you watch Forrest Gump online. He had a couple of misfires over the years, but what was the worst of the worst?

As you can tell when you watch Gladiator online, Russell Crowe scored Oscar gold for that performance. Yet years later, he would make one of his worst.

We reveal that and the 13 Best Actor winners' worst movies in the slideshow below! 

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