13 Hilarious Horror Comedies: Fear the Funny!

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We think it’s time to change it up a little bit this Halloween. Everyone has the horror movies that you have to see that will have you climbing the walls in fear and give you trouble sleeping at night (heck, we recently named 11 horror movies that still scare us).

But, what about adding a little humor with your horror this year?

We name 13 of our favorite horror comedies of the last several decades that will get you laughing so hard, you might want to put the candy down -- and also, provide just enough scares that befit the annual October holiday of horror.

Check out these Young Frankenstein quotes and the Mel Brooks classic horror comedy still splits sides after 40 years.

And when you watch Warm Bodies online, Nicholas Hoult just slays us as a zombie in love with Teresa Palmer. And yes, it also has quite a few moments that are quite scary!

Want one last clue as to which films make up our list? Watch Zombieland online this Halloween and you can't lose with both scares and silliness!

Click through and discover our favorite 13 horror comedies!

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