19 Scariest Horror Movie Taglines: Terror Tantalizers!

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As Halloween draws closer, we have a unique take on which horror movies you should see in the next few weeks as the haunted holiday draws near.

We’ve already told you our 11 Horror Movies Too Scary to See Again, which of course are the ones you need to see before All Hallow’s Eve!

But, there is something unique to the taglines of some of the best horror movies out there. Horror flicks, above all other genres, truly nail the art of writing the tagline.

They do several things simultaneously: They draw the audience member in by giving a tease to the story. They scare you simply with a few well chosen words. And lastly, horror movie taglines capture the entire essence of the root of the terror in a sublimely crafted sentence.

We found 19 horror movies that have our favorite taglines and if these teases don’t make you want to check out these flicks for Halloween, nothing will!

There are the iconic, like watch Alien online and you probably know that tagline by heart. It has become legendary!

And here’s an idea, watch The Shining online and then revisit that Stephen King movie’s tagline and prepare to be amazed at its brilliance.

So, without further ado, we present our 19 favorite horror movie taglines!

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