21 Most Expensive Movies of All Time: Spared No Expense!

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We all know it costs a lot of money to make movies. But, which movies cost the most to make? You probably think you know the film that had the highest budget. Heck, watch Titanic online and that’s probably what you’re thinking.

But, you’d be wrong!

We’ve compiled a list of the priciest movies to bring to the silver screen in the history of Hollywood, adjusted for inflation.

Would you be surprised if a certain Disney animated movie sat in the top 10?

Yeah, watch Tangled online, and yes, you can see every penny of the $281.7 million it cost! Half the budget probably was spent on animated hair!

We’ve got a varied list of movies that make up our 21 flicks whose finances went through the roof. Sure, many of them are massive hits and more than made back their money. Watch Avatar online and there’s one.

But, we also have one that forced a certain studio to sell off miles and miles of its property because the film cost so much and made so little.

Click through and discover the 21 most expensive movies ever made!

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