23 Laugh Out Loud Movie Title Translations: It’s Called What?

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Studios and filmmakers spend tons of hours and money coming up with the right title for their films. But, when a flick heads overseas, it’s anyone’s guess what moniker their movie will get when audiences line up in foreign countries to buy tickets.

We found 23 of the most hilarious, outrageous and -- honestly -- awesome movie title translations ever.

Watch The Dark Knight online and if you see it in Spain, it will have an entirely different but somewhat accurate title.

Those Superbad quotes still make us LOL, but when you see what Israel called the movie when it premiered there, you may laugh even harder!

Then, when you watch Grease online, you’ll realize that someone in Argentina took that title translation a little too literally.

Click through and keep all beverages at bay, because you will be laughing out loud at our 23 most hilarious movie title translations! 

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