Exodus Gods and Kings Posters: Born to Fight!

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Three character posters for Fox’s Exodus: Gods and Kings have landed!

One shows off Christian Bale as Moses, one spotlights Joel Edgerton as Ramses and the third illustrates how this “brotherhood” was destined for one thing -- battling each other.

Earlier, we shared with you the 11 things we learned from seeing Exodus: Gods and Kings footage and above all else, and despite what people have (rightfully) complained about, Bale and Edgerton are fantastic together. You can feel the love that turns to loathe in one of the most iconic biblical stories ever told

Ridley Scott directs his most ambitious epic yet in the tale of how Moses would go from son of privilege to banned Hebrew who would rise and lead his people out of centuries of bondage and into the promised land (after 40 years in the desert!).

Check out that incredible Exodus: Gods and Kings trailer and consider yourself teased for the December 12 release that also stars Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley and Aaron Paul.

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Exodus: Gods and Kings Quotes

Ramses: Who has been telling you this?
Moses: God.

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You say that you didn't... cause all this. You say this is not your fault. So let's just see who's more effective at killing


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