Felony Exclusive: Jai Courtney & Joel Edgerton Ask, What Would You Do?

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We sat down for an exclusive video interview with two very busy and in-demand actors to talk about their thrilling film together, Felony.

Joel Edgerton (soon to be seen in Exodus: Gods and Kings) wrote and stars in the film with his fellow Australian mate Jai Courtney (up next, Terminator: Genisys) and we discovered that the origins of such a movie has us asking some deeply disturbing questions of ourselves.

“I was having a conversation with a friend about these hit and run accidents that we were seeing in the newspapers, which tend to pop up all too often,” Edgerton said.

“This conversation was about what does it take for a normal, otherwise, good person… for them to decide that the next thing that they’re going to do -- out of shock or a need to remain free -- is to run away from the crime and not to perform their duty of care. The answer to the question of what I would do in that situation is that I would do the right thing. But, can I really tell you?”

Courtney admitted that this story hit close to him. “As I driver, I’m terrified of hitting pedestrians,” he said. “Because how accidental that can be.”  

As shown in the Felony trailer, Edgerton is a police detective who, by accident, hits a boy on his bike one fateful evening.

Instead of doing what’s right, he claims that he came upon the injured fellow and called the cops. He gets help from a fellow cop, played by Tom Wilkinson, in how to handle what could be a huge crime… aka a felony.

Meanwhile, Courtney is investigating and is not buying what Edgerton and Wilkinson are selling. Felony is in theaters now, and also available On Demand. 

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