From The Notebook to The Best of Me: Nicholas Sparks on Directors as Key to Success

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Author Nicholas Sparks and producer Denise Dinovi have worked together for years to enormous success. As their latest page-to-screen effort, The Best of Me, is set to hit theaters, they sat down with Movie Fanatic for an exclusive video interview.

Sparks has had enormous success having his books hit the screens, most notably with those unforgettable and seemingly timeless The Notebook quotes, and he and Dinovi have another winner with The Best of Me -- honestly his best film since that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams classic.

We asked the pair what it is about their relationship that is so fruitful. It is never an easy task bringing a novel to the screen and these two have it down pat. 

Sparks also let us in on why the selection of director is so important to whether a film based on his books will work, and why Michael Hoffman was just beyond perfect for the film teased in the wildly romantic The Best of Me trailer.

Watch The Notebook online to see the greatness that may just arrive again when The Best of Me lands in theaters October 17.

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