Furious 7 Teaser Poster: Rubber Meets the Road

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Hot on the heels of that Furious 7 poster that debuted this morning, which also announced the fact that the Furious 7 trailer would land November 1, we’ve got another poster to reveal to you now!

And what is really striking about this latest Furious 7 poster is that it doesn’t contain a single one of its superstar cast as its main subject. Yup, that’s just a tire, but when you see a tire like this… doesn’t it just scream Fast and Furious? You bet it does!

The Fast and Furious franchise has really become iconic when a film can promote itself without using the likeness of Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and especially Paul Walker in one of his final film roles.  

Check out a teaser for The Road to Furious 7 below! 

Stay with Movie Fanatic all week as we suspect that Universal is going a little fanatically furious for Furious 7 as we gear up for that first trailer.

Until then, enjoy this teaser poster and click through and check out all of our Furious 7 photos and watch Fast and Furious 6 online to see where we left off. 

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