John Wick Clip: Keanu Reeves Battles Intruders

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From the minute we saw that first John Wick trailer, we were in. Keanu Reeves, back in action as an assassin who had everything taken from him by gangsters, out for revenge?

Yes, please!

And what’s the best part, as a dog lover, we adore the fact that the thing that truly set his firecracker of vengeance off is that they messed with his canine! Yeah, that ought to add a few fans to the John Wick world.

Lionsgate has released a clip from John Wick and it is simply called Intruders, and we can see why.

A slew of baddies have entered Wick’s home and they are seeking to put an end to this seeking justice volley. Guess what Reeves does with them?

John Wick also stars Adrianne Palicki, Bridget Moynahan, Ian McShane, John Leguizamo and Willem Dafoe.

Check out Reeves in action and watch The Matrix online and it’s easy to see, this man and action equals greatness. 

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John Wick Quotes

John Wick isn’t the Boogeyman. He’s the man he send to kill the (expletive) Boogieman!

Viggo Tarsov

Iosef Tarasov: That nobody?
Viggo Tarasov: That nobody is John Wick.
Iosef Tarasov: I'm not afraid of John Wick.
Viggo Tarasov: You should be. I once saw him kill three men with a pencil. A (expletive) pencil!

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