Kill the Messenger Exclusive: Jeremy Renner Seeks to “Fall on My Face and Fail”

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In the powerful Kill the Messenger, Jeremy Renner is Gary Webb, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who broke the story about the CIA funneling drug money into fighting communism in Central America.

His thanks?

Personal destruction by the elite media outlets who were pissed that they didn’t break the story and the federal government who resented the (accurate) accusation that they were responsible for putting crack on the streets of America’s cities.

We caught up with Renner for an exclusive video interview about the important flick (for more on this important movie check out the riveting Kill the Messenger trailer), as well as how the man has serious variety in his acting arsenal.

Renner is a busy man and his talents can be seen across a wide array of films from the powerfully dramatic with his latest, Kill the Messenger, to his Bourne movie series to the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron which finds him returning to the character of Hawkeye. For Renner, it’s all about finding what gets him going. 

“I always want to be challenged,” Renner said. “A lot of that comes with not staying with the same character for 20 years. There is a different set of challenges with that. I like to find new worlds and learn things and stretch and grow and be willing to fall on my face and fail.”

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