Kill the Messenger Exclusive: Rosemarie DeWitt on Story of “Vindication”

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Kill the Messenger star Rosemarie DeWitt had a front row seat to the hurricane performance of Jeremy Renner that we believe will result in an Oscar nod for The Avengers star.

We caught up with DeWitt for an exclusive video interview where she revealed what makes Renner so extraordinarily special and how aware she was of the true story at the heart of Kill the Messenger where journalist Gary Webb uncovered the previously unknown aspect of the Iran-Contra scandal.

It’s the lack of knowledge of what this man exposed in the general public that is one of the main reasons she made the film teased in the Kill the Messenger trailer.

“I couldn’t believe that it was a true story and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard of it,” DeWitt said. “I was really excited for other people to hear about it.”

The actress is also hoping the movie gives something for Webb that he has yet to achieve. “I hope that it gets him some vindication because it cost him so much to do this.”  

And DeWitt also let it be known that her film (and we agree) is one of the more important of 2014 and it is the type of collective movie-going experiences that will result in a serious conversation between friends and family after seeing it.

It’s that kind of intellectual stimulation that is one of the reasons we love the movies in the first place!  

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