Ouija Exclusive: Cast Talks Playing Game That Was Hauntingly Real

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When we met Ana Coto and Bianca Santos for an exclusive video interview for their horror flick Ouija at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, they were less than scared by the Ouija board that sat between us.

That was because the one they used in the movie was classic, and hauntingly more fitting for a horror movie built around a legendary board game that helps players talk to the dead. Even though we had just seen the movie and anything even remotely related to a Ouija board we found terrifying, this plastic board in front of us was merely a prop to Coto and Santos.

“This one, this doesn’t scare me,” Santos said.

“We had an incredible board in the movie,” Coto added.  

Santos concurred. “There was so much history to it.”

As you see in the Ouija trailer, these friends unlock something horrifying after playing the game. It will terrorize every single player taking them all to a place where they look death and the great beyond right in the face. “It really does feel real,” Coto admitted about playing the board in the movie.

Coto and Santos also dish the marvel that is Ouija’s lead, Olivia Cooke, and how she led the way and truly set the tone for the Universal horror flick that lands in theaters October 24.

They might not have been scared by the board between us, but if they could have lent this writer a flashlight for the pitch black walk back to my car in the iconic Tinseltown cemetery, maybe this guy wouldn’t have been so frightened by that terrifying walk through the landscape where Hollywood legends lay in rest!  

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