Terminator Genisys Photos: Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Back!

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We got our first look at Terminator: Genisys yesterday with those Entertainment Weekly covers, and today… we have a look inside. Yes, these are the first photos of the actors in action in the Terminator movie that is not a sequel and not quite a reboot!

One thing is congruent with the films that began with James Cameron’s classic in 1984 and that is Arnold Schwarzenegger. We’ve got our first photo of him in character and it is kinda exciting to see the guy back in the leather jacket, toting a shotgun.

We even learn about one shot that director Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) and producer David Ellison talk about inside the issue. Remember when Arnie emerges from the Griffith Observatory? We get to see that again. 

"It's the holy grail of visual effects," producer David Ellison told EW. "You create a walking, breathing human that doesn't exist."

Taylor was up for the challenge of adding his stamp to a legendary Hollywood franchise. "Part of the challenge is to dazzle people with something they haven't seen before. There are elements in our main villain that are straining the capacities of our brilliant visual-effects people,” Taylor said. “So that's a good sign."

Click through the slideshow below and witness Terminator: Geneisys stars Jason Clarke as John Connor, Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor and Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese. And we’ve also got a set photo of an old friend getting ready for action.

And check out how it all began and watch The Terminator online

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