The Good Lie Exclusive: Getting Reese Witherspoon Was the Easy Part

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When it came to casting The Good Lie having Reese Witherspoon as your lead was the easy part.

She had no problem taking a smaller role in such an important movie. But as you can see in The Good Lie trailer, this story about a quartet of Sudanese refugees (known as The Lost Boys) who survive and triumph over unbelievable odds, needed a foursome of performers who could truly not only nail the parts, but also capture the suffering of tens of thousands in a two hour film.

We caught up with producers Molly Smith, Thad Luckinbill and Trent Luckinbill for an exclusive video interview in Memphis at the film’s premiere as they told us about the mountain they had to climb to make sure they had the right actors and actresses that would effectively and powerfully tell this inspiring story.

And given that the entire first act of the film follows them as youngsters through adulthood as they try to survive a civil war in Sudan, walk thousands of miles across barren terrain and eventually fly to America… casting the four adults was just the beginning.

“Then, we had to find four young actors to play them as children,” Luckinbill said.  

Check out our The Good Lie review and it’s easy to see that this is a must-see and important film. The producers also tell us in the video above how you can help to make a difference for those who are still suffering in the Sudan.

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