Top 11 Highest Grossing Superhero Movies: How Big Are These Blockbusters?

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With all this talk this week of DC Comics and Warner Bros. rolling out their superhero movies through 2020 and Marvel’s announcement that Iron Man will be in Captain America 3 and that The Avengers are heading towards a titanic Civil War, you might notice that superheroes seem to be topic “A” in Hollywood -- and have been for some years now.

Just how much do these blockbusters make and for that matter, what are the top 11 grossing superhero movies of all time? And we’re talking total international gross here!

We did some serious research and put them in order, from 11 to the number one highest grossing superhero movie of all time. 

Watch The Avengers online and you can bet that flick is at or near the top.

Click through to check out the top 11 highest grossing superhero movies of all time and see how much each made.

Also, you’ll notice that people are quite fond of a certain someone (Spider-Man!), as the webbed wonder appears a striking number of times on this list! 

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