Weekend Movie Preview: October 24, 2014

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The weekend movie preview the weekend before Halloween should probably be all about the scares. We do have a horror film to cover -- Ouija -- but the headline here is Keanu Reeves rocking as John Wick

Bill Murray also rocks this week as the title character in St. Vincent

Let's break it down...

John Wick: Reeves plays a "retired" hit man who, after losing his wife and a few other things that leave him with nothing, launches a full-on effort to get revenge. The story is electric. The action astounds and Reeves hasn't been this good since The Matrix.

Our John Wick review also salutes the filmmakers for creating a world that has us leaving reality behind and yet living and breathing in a landscape they created that feels as real as any we experience in our daily lives. It is simply one of the best action movies of the year. Period.

Ouija: The reason why this flick, based on the board game Ouija that lets players "contact" the dead, doesn't sit atop our list this weekend before Halloween is frankly -- it's just not that scary. And sadly, if there was ever a game that is ripe for a big screen horror movie treatment, it's Ouija!  

As our Ouija review stated, Olivia Cooke carries the movie as much as she can as a woman whose best friend hangs herself after playing the game. When she gathers her friends together to try to communicate with her, all hell breaks loose. Well, it kind of does.

St. Vincent: Murray may just finally get that elusive Oscar nod he wants for his role as the titular character who is less than likable to say the least. But, in the hands of Murray he has a slew of redeeming qualities that come out when he's hired to watch over his neighbor's (Melissa McCarthy) little boy. The two forge the most unlikely of friendships in this delightful dramatic comedy.

For more, check out our St. Vincent review!

Feel like staying in this weekend? A couple of titles have landed on digital download that should please!

Watch Snowpiercer online and see Chris Evans as a whole new kind of hero, and speaking of heroes, watch X-Men: Days of Future Past online and witness some that are downright "super!" 

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