Weekend Movie Preview: October 3, 2014

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The first Weekend Movie Preview of October is here! We've got three new films landing in cinemas. As this is the month of Halloween, we've got one that aims to scare (Annabelle), one that is hauntingly real and simultaneously inspiring (The Good Lie) and one of the most anticipated movies of the fall in Gone Girl.

Let's break it down...

Gone Girl: Ben Affleck stars in the David Fincher-directed big screen version of Gillian Flynn's blockbuster book. What works so well for this film, as we stated in our Gone Girl review, is that not only is Fincher the right choice to helm, but that they used Flynn to write the screenplay!

Rosamund Pike plays the title character and gives a star-making performance. You will get no spoilers from us, but what we will say is that you need to run, not walk, and go out to see this movie right now. It is riveting and Fincher has done it again. 

Annabelle: The Conjuring was a surprise hit, so filmmakers and producers decided to go back in time and introduce us to the doll that served as a conduit to all that horror. The film takes place in the '60s and we meet the titular doll as a pregnant woman is gifted the "precious little thing" to complete the baby's room. 

As we stated in our Annabelle review, this movie is not even scary. It is wholeheartedly disappointing and is only saved by two veteran actors, led by Alfre Woodard. There is so much more to this story, it's just not what was presented.

The Good Lie: The Lost Boys of Sudan get a movie worthy of their struggle. Reese Witherspoon stars, but we don't even meet her until midway through the second act, which is a stroke of genius. We experience the hell that these kids go through, walking for thousands of miles when their villages are destroyed and they are left orphans. 

The Sudanese leads are astounding and this poignant story tells how they were granted asylum in America and their struggles to not only fit into their new culture, but to try to leave the horrors of their childhood behind. It is simply stunning. For more, check out our The Good Lie review.

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