Weekend Movie Preview: October 31, 2014

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The Weekend Movie Preview for this last day of October, Halloween (!), presents two new movies and each are scary in their own way.

We’ve got Daniel Radcliffe channeling the devil himself (or is he?) in Horns and Jake Gyllenhaal exploring the devilish underbelly of Los Angeles in Nightcrawler.

Let’s break it down…

Nightcrawler: Gyllenhaal gives the performance of his life (and surely will get an Oscar nod) as the titular character, a person who prowls the streets of LA seeking to videotape the murders, mayhem and utter chaos that will air live on the local morning news.

As we stated in our Nightcrawler review, this is a five-star brilliant piece of filmmaking by writer-director Dan Gilroy. Rene Russo rivets as the producer who enables Gyllenhaal’s actions, and all told, this is a movie that is as frightening as it is fantastic.

Horns: Radcliffe plays Ig, a man who is living the love affair of a lifetime with Juno Temple’s Merrin. When he awakes one day after a hard night of drinking, he remembers nothing, but his beloved has been murdered. He’s suspect number one and the entire small town believes he did it… and so does the national media. When he grows horns, that certainly doesn’t help things.

Our Horns review found that Radcliffe continues to amaze us with his post-Harry Potter choices. And we appreciate this tale as everything is not painted in black and white. It is a whole lot of in between, and by the end, it will have the audience looking in the mirror wondering if we have the devil inside us too.

Feel like staying in this weekend? A horror film has landed on digital download this week, and might we suggest an instant classic horror movie for this Halloween night too?

Watch Deliver Us From Evil online and there’s a solid fright fest! And for an instant classic sure to bring the horrors this Halloween, watch The Conjuring online and you know you’ll be scared silly.  

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