15 Fantastic 2014 Movies You Need to See: Catch Up on Greatness

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The movie year 2014 is rapidly coming to an end and it was a surprisingly fantastic year for film.

Yet, there are many absolutely incredible movies that audiences have yet to discover, but they must!

Movie Fanatic names 15 of our favorite movies of 2014 that, judging by box office results, you have not seen.

Many are still in theaters and several are available to watch right now after you read this!

Watch Snowpiercer online and there’s Chris Evans still being heroic, but in one of the most original sci-fi movies we’ve seen in years! Watch The Rover online and Robert Pattinson makes an announcement that he is an acting force to be reckoned with as he holds his own with Guy Pearce in this post-apocalyptic thriller!

And if you love action movies, the best you will see this year can be seen when you watch The Raid 2 online!

Many of these films will earn Oscar nods, so be sure to click through and discover our 15 fantastic 2014 movies that you haven’t seen and run, don’t walk, to go see these now!

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