21 Finest Film Families: Hollywood Parent-Child Success Stories

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Being the child of a Hollywood star, sure, it opens doors. But several things have to happen for the scion of a movie legend to make it in Tinseltown.

They have to have talent and, most importantly, the audience has to embrace them. If neither one of those things happen, all the nepotism in the world cannot help you.

That’s why it is supremely impressive that these 21 parent-child Hollywood combos have found such success. Like who, you ask?

Watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith online and you know her and we’re pretty sure you know her dad.

And did you know that the legend that gave us one of our favorites that you can see when you watch Ghostbusters online, also has given us his own series of fantastically directed films?!

Those The Big Lebowski quotes? The Dude is just one-third of an acting family that is the stuff of Hollywood legend.

Now that your curiosity is piqued, click through and discover our 21 finest film families -- aka the biggest Hollywood parent-child success stories in history.

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