American Sniper Photos: Bradley Cooper & Clint Eastwood Go to War

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Bradley Cooper stars as the real life U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper.

And one thing is striking when you watch the American Sniper teaser trailer -- Cooper has taken it to a whole new level with his work on Eastwood’s flick, and this from a guy who already has two Oscar nominations.

The film is based on the true story of Kyle, the U.S. military sniper who is the most lethal in military history. The Iraqi insurgency was so fearful of Kyle and his sharp eye, that they nicknamed him Al Shaitan Ramadi, the Devil of Ramadi.

American Sniper premiered at the AFI Fest and the response was pretty universal: It’s Eastwood’s best work in years and Cooper has delivered another Oscar nomination-worthy performance.

See one of those Oscar-nominated performances and watch American Hustle online, and keep your eyes peeled for American Sniper in theaters December 25. 

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American Sniper Quotes

If you think that this war isn't changing you you're wrong. You can only circle the flames so long.

Taya Renae Kyle

Navy Doctor: Would you be surprised if I told you that Navy has credited you with... over 160 kills?
Chris Kyle: [Hums]
Navy Doctor: Do you ever think that... you might have seen things or... done some things over there that you wish you hadn't?
Chris Kyle: Oh, that's not me. No.
Navy Doctor: What's not you?
Chris Kyle: I was just protecting my guys, they were trying to kill... our soldiers and I... I'm willing to meet my Creator and answer for every shot that I took.
Chris Kyle: The thing that... haunts me are all the guys that I couldn't save.
Chris Kyle: Now I'm willing and able to... be there but I'm not, I'm here I quit.
Navy Doctor: You can walk down any homeless hospital. Looks like plenty soldiers need saving.
Chris Kyle: [Hums]
Navy Doctor: You want to take a walk?
Chris Kyle: Sure.

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