Dumb and Dumber To: Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels Dish Doing “Something Dumb”

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Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are back at their stupid ways for our enjoyment with the return of Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber To.

Dumb and Dumber To Harry Lloyd

We caught up with the stars recently to chat about coming back to their legendary roles, if they’ve ever let go of being Harry and Lloyd and how the rabid fan base for Dumb and Dumber has only grown exponentially since it debuted 20 years ago, thus demanding the Farrelly brothers get everyone back together for the sequel.

“I think the reason why the sequel happened was because over the years, the fans kept coming up to both of us,” Daniels said. “The appeal of it was not just 12-year-old boys. The demo just kept getting wider and wider so it kind of demanded that it get done. We all wanted to do it. So it got done.”

Carrey concurred. “It was a fan-driven thing. They would not leave us alone.” He added, “And it is cooler to wait. When you wait 20 years, a sequel becomes a ‘She-quel.’”

“It is a word. Look it up,” Daniels interjected.

The man who has only done a comedy sequel once before, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, was ready to do what it took to get back into the character of Lloyd.

“Lloyd is a part of me now, so it is kind of strange. I whack the tooth out. You really have to totally get into the politics of the character and everything. There are a couple of things with Lloyd. You whack the tooth out, and you think really selfishly. You just go, 'Mine, mine, mine,' in your mind,” Carrey said.

“But also the love between your characters is important. You can get away with anything as long as there is real love between the characters. Like The Honeymooners... They were yelling at each other during the whole show, but you knew that Ralph loved Alice. So that is the bottom line.”

Dumb and Dumber To Stars Jim Carrey Jeff Daniels

Have the guys thought much about these characters that gave us those legendary Dumb and Dumber quotes that have become iconic?

“Well, for me every character I do is something special to me,” Carrey said and burped aloud. “Enjoy. That was a free range burp. Why hold it? I am an authentic person.”

Not to be left out of the bodily noises, Daniels joined in. “I just farted,” he admitted.

Carrey promised we’ll all enjoy that soon. “It is not there yet, but you guys are not going to like it,” he said.

But, then Carrey goes back to talking about returning to the role of Lloyd. “[It’s] definitely special. Every time you scorn, you have a great character relationship in a movie or something like that, it becomes your babies. It is a special thing. The fans made it special because they were constantly reminded.”

Daniels continually thought about Harry and often wondered what he was doing. “No matter what it is I always imagined that Harry is alive and well and someday he is going to come and see the movie. Then he is going to meet with me and tell me how I did. It is a little game I play,” Daniels said.

“You owe it to Harry or McAvoy, whomever you are playing, to do them as authentically and believably as possible. You are going to have a dinner with them later, and you hope it goes well.”

Carrey was just hoping that the Farrelly brothers would let them return to the van. You know, the van -- it’s in the Dumb and Dumber To trailer!

“I made sure the Mutt Cutts van was there, at least a visit,” Carrey said. “I thought it was kind of funny to just go for the Mutt Cutts van and destroy it. Yes, that is kind of my personality.”

For Carrey, doing a sequel to Dumb and Dumber was not necessarily always on the horizon. For him, it was about working with the Farrelly brothers again.

“I did call them at some point and say, ‘First of all, we have got to work together, period.’ As you get older, you value these things,” Carrey said. “I want to be with a gang again. I want to hang out with him (points to Daniels) and the Farrellys. It is just really about that. It is about having fun. Let us go do something dumb.”

Working together again after all these years, both reported that time has only improved their chemistry. “It was better,” Daniels said. “You are hoping it works. And then day one on this one, it was just right there. Every day was fun. The first two weeks was just the two of us. We were slamming all day every day, and it really was a great two weeks. And it came back right away.”

Jim Carrey Jeff Daniels Star Dumb and Dumber To

Carrey compared the experience from the first to the second. “The first one was a discovery. You are meeting a new friend. You are kind of shy about it, and now it was like family,” he said.

“We watched the scene when we are coming off the bus together, and we saw the playback. It was like, ‘Whoa. We are back.’ It just kind of gave us a good feeling. It was like old friends. I tried to make them turn it into a vampire movie just to hedge our bets, but it was a no go.”

When it comes to which one is Dumb and which one is Dumber, Carrey and Daniels reported that it depends on the day. “Everyone gets their chance at the dumber role,” Carrey said.

Daniels feels differently. “Lloyd leads the way. Lloyd definitely leads Harry into some things. You think Lloyd would be the smarter one, and then the next thing you know we are face first in the wall,” Daniels said.

Where do Carrey and Daniels see these guys in another 20 years?

“I think they are exactly the same,” Daniels admitted.

Carrey, meanwhile, offered a few more (funny) details. “Lloyd will have lost an eye in a bar brawl,” he said and laughed. “No, they do not have an arc. There is no life arc for these two. They are going to fall into their graves stupid.”

Watch Dumb and Dumber online and get ready for the big sequel!

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