Exodus Gods and Kings Clip: Moses & Ramses Clash

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As the December 12 release date inches closer for Ridley Scott’s biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings, we’re getting more of a clearer view on how the split occurs between Moses and his adopted brother Ramses.

Fox has released a clip from Exodus: Gods and Kings and it features a pivotal scene, one of many we saw of Exodus: Gods and Kings footage. It takes place moments after Christian Bale’s Moses has gotten an inkling that he may be a Hebrew, and not simply the son of privilege in the Egyptian royal family.

Joel Edgerton’s spies have let him know about a meeting between Moses and Ben Kingsley’s character and that sets up this confrontation in the clip below.

Watch the Exodus: Gods and Kings final trailer and get ready to enjoy one of the most thrilling of the bible tales, and from the footage we saw, Bale is ready to deliver another one of his iconic performances. 

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Exodus: Gods and Kings Quotes

Ramses: Who has been telling you this?
Moses: God.

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You say that you didn't... cause all this. You say this is not your fault. So let's just see who's more effective at killing


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