Goosebumps: Meet The Monsters of R.L. Stine's World

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You’ve seen the few Goosebumps stills we have from the highly anticipated movie that imagines R.L. Stine’s world on the big screen. Now, it’s time to meet the legions of monsters that are set to scare audiences when the film premieres.

The film features Jack Black as a fictionalized version of the author, who finds himself to be a prisoner in the world he has created in his blockbuster book series.

Goosebumps centers on a teenager named Zach (Dylan Minnette) who is none too happy about moving from the city to rural America. That is, until he meets the girl who lives next door. Hannnah (Odeya Rush) seems perfect, except for one little thing: Her father is Stine and his haunting world is kind of a side effect of life in this family!

Amongst those who terrify on a daily basis are a crazy clown, a devilish dummy and a monstrous mummy -- and that is just the beginning. We’ve got pictures of all the monsters from Goosebumps in the slideshow below!

They all live on the pages of Stine’s books, but they are very much real. And it is through Stine that they stay in the fictional world and never make it out into the real world.

That’s all well and good and working fine, but Zach does something and boom! They’re unleashed on the world!

Goosebumps was set to land in theaters August 17, 2015 -- but we noticed that the film’s official website now says 2016.

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