Horrible Bosses 2: Cast Chats Chris Pine as “Comedy Barometer”

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There was something that was immediately apparent with those Horrible Bosses quotes when the first film appeared -- the priceless comic chemistry of its stars Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day and Jason Bateman. You can imagine then the concern that it might be altered with the addition of Chris Pine.

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See, as teased in the Horrible Bosses 2 trailer, Day, Sudeikis and Bateman have started their own company and made a product called The Shower Buddy. Christoph Waltz and Pine’s father-son team decide to buy tens of thousands of units and our boys take it into production. Then, Waltz and Pine steal the idea, and leave the trio over a half a million in debt for manufacturing costs. So, they hatch a plan to kidnap Pine and make his father pay.

Thus, the three would spend many a scene with Pine. How would that change things that worked so well the first time? We asked the big three at the movie’s press day at the Beverly Hilton.

“I think there was a concern bringing anyone into it, since we had a chemistry that we knew we could rely on. So you hope that you didn’t get someone who was either unfunny, or trying to be funny too much,” Day said.

“But I always thought Chris was extremely funny as Captain Kirk in those movies. He delivers the action, but he also has great comedic timing. So I really wasn’t worried about it. And then, he’s such a great actor. Working with Christoph (Waltz) or Jennifer Aniston (back for the sequel) or any character that comes into the scene, if they’re a great actor, they’re only making the scene better.”

Sudeikis had always been impressed with Pine’s dramatic work and felt that the part of a son who was kidnapped with a father that didn’t care was custom made for Pine. “What you would feel if your dad did this, he wasn’t trying to hit the joke. He was just trying to hit the reality of it because the funny’s already in there,” Sudeikis added. 

“Or we hope by us doing our thing and reacting to him and being in over our heads... Yeah, he stayed on a thing and didn’t try to do what we did. He did his own thing, which was both charming to the characters and also really effective as far as the scenes were concerned.”

Bateman knew Pine could do comedy and drama, but simply hoped that Pine would be a good soul. “You just hope he’s a good guy. Because having a nice vibe on the set when it’s a comedy is so important,” Bateman said. “You hope there’s not any dickheads. He’s a really good guy."

Day added that Pine was, in hindsight, a great measure as to how well the funny was going. “Because he's a peer, when we were able to really make him break, it was satisfying because you know that’s sort of our target audience,” Day reported. “He’s sort of our comedy barometer.”

Charlie Day Jason Bateman Jason Sudeikis Horrible Bosses 2

The guys weren’t so nervous about having Waltz join the cast, as the man is so good at being bad. He needn’t bring the comedy… although he tried.

“[He] would come to the set with that rubber chicken and those chattering teeth and we would say, ‘No, Christoph, that’s not the type of comedy we’re trying to do,’” Day recalled.

The Horrible Bosses 2 red band trailer shows how the guys first appear on a morning talk show hawking their shower buddy. For Sudeikis, it was like watching those infomercials late at night, and he’s even got a new passion now -- late-night QVC!

“I love them. I was susceptible to them. Harry Lorayne’s memory chorus, got that -- made my dad buy me that. I memorized the Bill of Rights in a night,” Sudeikis admitted.

“My favorite thing to do now is to watch a home shopping network or QVC late at night, and when they’re trying to sell you a pair of earrings and they have the little timer on there, and to hear a dude have to riff about it for seven minutes. It’s fun to watch at 3 am because that’s not their "A" team. You really get to see a guy struggling. ‘And it’s onyx... and women love onyx.’ You have no idea what he’s talking about!”

After two movies now, the guys know a thing or two about bad bosses. Sudeikis had a realization making these movies about the horrible bosses he’s had in his life.

“That Lorne Michaels can sure wreck a life. I'm just trying to have a nice existence in Kansas City doing improv comedy, and then this. Comedian son of a gun says, ‘Come here and do this TV show,’” Sudeikis said and laughed, clearly kidding.

“No. I haven't really had too many. Any bad boss I had probably was because I was a bad employee.”

Watch Horrible Bosses online and get ready for the big sequel!

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