Horrible Bosses 2: Jennifer Aniston Returns to Her Sexed Up Ways

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Jennifer Aniston was more than thrilled to return to the hyper-sexual character she originated in 2011’s Horrible Bosses. Aniston admitted that she couldn't get Dr. Julia Harris, D.D.S. out of her head.

Horrible Bosses 2 Charlie Day Jennifer Aniston

“I did think about her, throughout all the films I’ve done since,” Aniston told Movie Fanatic. “She’s a hard one to let go of -- I didn’t get enough of her.”

Aniston truly appreciated how her character can just be as direct as can be. “I find it extremely entertaining the way she speaks, because I don’t really think to her she’s saying anything inappropriate,” she said.

“For her, it’s describing the ingredients to a wonderful soufflé, or ‘What are we going to be doing this weekend?’”

As you can see in this Horrible Bosses 2 clip, we meet Harris as she leads a sex addiction group that Jason Bateman’s Nick stumbles into. The scene is utterly hilarious and Aniston promised that the DVD ought to have a slew of extras alone from this scene. She and Bateman had a blast just seeing how far they could push it.

“When we saw this cut, it’s sort of a fun surprise to see, 'Oh, they chose that line.' There were endless lines,” Aniston reported. “The structure of it was there and then we would throw in a little [ad lib] -- as we were doing the volley back and forth.”

Clearly from what you see when you watch Horrible Bosses online, Aniston’s Julia needs a little sex addiction help. But what we learn from Horrible Bosses 2 is that the group she’s formed, and hosts in her dental office, may just be a means for picking up future partners.

“I think the intention was to maybe seek help, but I think what she ultimately found out was that this is just like chum for her. What a wonderful way to just get about! [I] figured she probably lost all of her patients. She’d done all of them! So, maybe this was just another wonderful innocent way to find more prey.”

As the Horrible Bosses 2 red band trailer shows, Charlie Day, Bateman and Jason Sudeikis are at it again and one would think that as they are their own bosses now, they would be on easy street and free of those superiors who gave us such great Horrible Bosses quotes.


Horrible Bosses 2 Jennifer Aniston Charlie Day Jason Bateman Jason Sudeikis

They meet Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine’s father and son who take their invention, steal the idea and leave them with a half a million dollar production cost bill. What’s a group of guys to do? Well, when you’ve attempted murder, what’s a little kidnapping and ransom?!

Aniston’s character factors into the story in a myriad of ways (you’ll have to see it to find out how!), but the actress was eager to work with the writers and director Seth Gordon to push the envelope.

“I think the writers called just to say, ‘How far can we go with Dr. Julia?’ I basically said, ‘Go as far as you can go as long as it’s in the realm of not insulting or offending too many people!’” Aniston said.

“I think it rose itself to the occasion. The dialogue was great, and the situation where you meet her in the SA group, it just lent itself to great humor and situations. I was just psyched.”

For Aniston, variety is the key. She is getting Oscar buzz for her work on the upcoming Cake. But whether comedy (like her blockbuster We’re the Millers) or drama (like her work in the recent Life of Crime) -- she just wants to be challenged.

“I love doing both,” she reported. “I think one accesses one part of my brain and the other accesses another. But any time I approach any character, comedy or drama, it’s grounded in reality, coming from the truth. There’s comedy in drama. There’s drama in comedy. I don’t find the two sort of exclusive of one another.”

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Julia Harris: Have you ever done it in a dentist's chair?
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Julia Harris: And?

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