Our Favorite Superheroes as Shakespeare Muses: Renaissance Men (and Woman)

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Sacha Goldberger has done something extraordinary and we have to share with our readers.

The artist has taken some of our favorite superheroes (and one iconic villain) and had them pose like they were sitting for a portrait from a Renaissance painter.

Many even look like they’re ready for an audition for William Shakespeare himself!

After you see our slideshow below, you might just watch The Dark Knight online and have a chuckle the first time you see Batman go gruff. It’s hard to take someone seriously who has worn what he’s wearing in these pictures!

The last time we saw Iron Man, watch Iron Man 3 online for that, he looked a whole lot different than he does made up for a Renaissance painting!

Click through and discover what our favorite heroes (and one villain) would look like if they were extolling their virtues in the Renaissance. 

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