Weekend Movie Preview: November 14, 2014

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Forgive the weekend movie preview this time out. We've gone a little daft. Dumb and Dumber To has finally arrived! 

That Farrelly comedy that is 20 years in the making is hardly the only release as we have three others to discuss. Steve Carell is getting serious awards buzz for his work in Foxcatcher​, Beyond the Lights has us singing in the aisles and The Homesman finds Tommy Lee Jones behind the camera for only the second time in his esteemed career. 

Let's break it down...   

Dumb and Dumber To: Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels return to the roles that gave us a comedy legend. The big question this weekend is: Will Monday come and a legion of fans of the first movie will be uttering the sequel's quotes? Time will tell, but what we can say is it is nice to see the two back in those roles and although the story is not quite as good as the first time around... is it ever, really? 

Our Dumb and Dumber To review also noticed where the first movie's humor was found in these simpletons' innocence, this time out, they seem a bit meaner. It still produces the funny -- it's just different. 

Foxcatcher: Carell deserves the Oscar buzz for his portrayal of the real life John du Pont and his incredible story of how he took a pair of gold medal-winning wrestling brothers (Dave and Mark Schultz) and their love of wrestling would end in tragedy and murder. 

As our Foxcatcher review stated, if there is a "best" actor, it is Mark Ruffalo as one of the Schultz brothers. Channing Tatum is the best we've ever seen him, but if Ruffalo isn't nominated for a Best Supporting Oscar, that will be a true crime. Bennett Miller's film has a slow pace, but that is because it is a slow boil to something truly shocking and explosive. 

Beyond the Lights: The biggest surprise of the weekend is how much we truly adored Beyond the Lights. The romance about a singer who finds love with an LAPD officer in her darkest hour not only has an amazing soundtrack, it features one of the most compelling romances we've seen in some time. 

This is a "come out of nowhere" movie that we hope will find an audience this weekend. It is an utter treat, the soundtrack is fabulous and the filmmaker behind Love & Basketball has truly done it again. For more, check out our Beyond the Lights review.

The Homesman: Jones again steps behind the camera for this Western based on the novel of the same name. Hilary Swank stars as a single woman living in the Nebraska territory who -- with Jones' help -- takes three mentally ill women from her small town to Iowa where they can get help. It is a gorgeous movie, filled with vistas and landscapes worthy of an artist's painting. 

But, as our The Homesman review stated, its pace is crippling in its slowness. That might be on purpose as Jones tries to mirror the pace of life during that time. Either way, just be prepared for a slow movie, that still manages to find some serious power.

Feel like staying in this weekend? A slew of movies have landed on digital download. Watch Tammy online and see Melissa McCarthy make us laugh like never before, watch Step Up: All In online and prepare for a house dance party, and watch Hercules online and witness Dwayne Johnson in the role he was born to play.

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