Weekend Movie Preview: November 7, 2014

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The wait is over as Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is finally here!

The weekend movie preview for this first weekend in November looks at that Matthew McConaughey-starring film, as well as the latest offering from Disney (Big Hero 6) and a surefire Oscar contender in The Theory of Everything

Let's break it down...

Interstellar: Nolan pushes the boundaries of science fiction in a dazzling, super long film that finds McConaughey as an astronaut who has to leave his family behind to explore the outer reaches of the galaxy, searching for a new home for the human race. 

Our Interstellar review found that, yes, the movie is long, but it is an impressive feat. It doesn't all quite add up in its science over fiction element of this science fiction story. But still, it is wildly entertaining and should be seen on the largest screens possible. You have never seen space shot like Nolan does. And McConaughey gives another Oscar-worthy performance, as does his co-star, Anne Hathaway. 

Big Hero 6: Disney's latest animated effort is based on a popular comic from Marvel and it is one of the biggest surprises of the fall. The story follows Hiro, a teenage robotics prodigy, who gathers a group of fellow science enthusiasts who use their extreme knowledge to recreate themselves as superheroes. Why? Because there is a dark menace that is threatening to destroy their beloved city. 

The film pops visually and is filled with messages that are powerful, emotional and will resonate with audiences of all ages. As we stated in our Big Hero 6 review, it's easy to see that this is a film from the makers of Frozen -- and let's hope it has that same kind of success.

The Theory of Everything: The love story of Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane may seem like an unlikely candidate for Best Picture of the year. But, that is exactly what it is. Eddie Redmayne will surely be nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his turn as the iconic physicist who triumphed over ALS and changed the world forever. 

The love story at the film's core is such an important story to tell because it shows that it is Jane's devotion to her husband and her belief in his brilliance that pushes Hawking to achieve the greatness that he is still pushing. For more, check out our The Theory of Everything review.

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