10 Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood: Who Makes Studios Least?

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It is that time of year where us in the movie journalism business come up with our best, worst and variations on those themes.

Movie Fanatic recently published our top 15 movies of 2014 and we are also quite proud of the 21 Most Fascinating Characters of 2014.

Then, there’s the one that focuses on the talent that puts those butts in the seats… the actors and actresses. Don’t miss our 19 Biggest Breakout Performances of the Year and maybe, just maybe, those people can avoid being on the annual list that Forbes just released as their career progresses!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen -- it’s time for the 10 most overpaid actors in Hollywood! 

Now, how exactly does Forbes come up with this annual list? Well, it’s quite simple actually. They calculate how much a star’s movies bring in to the studio’s coffers, versus how much they got paid. 

But, what is interesting -- and we have to point out -- is many of these stars have made big movies in the last couple of years.

Why are they on this list?

Because they get back-end deals where they received a percentage of the profits, therefore they cost the studio more money than just the salary. For example, watch Gravity online. The headliner of that flick certainly helped it become a hit. But, her price tag and back-end deal was so huge… she landed on the Forbes list.

Honestly, the studios never mind paying out those kinds of checks. It means that the movies did so ridiculously well that they can afford these “bonuses.”

So... who is number one? 

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