11 Worst Casting Decisions in Superhero Movies: The Opposite of Super

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Casting is key in any movie. But casting is absolutely paramount to success in a superhero movie.

Watch The Dark Knight online and there’s a case of double-barreled casting brilliance, Heath Ledger as the Joker and Christian Bale as Batman.

When casting is all wrong in the superhero movie genre, oftentimes the entire film can go off the rails. Sometimes though, there is much more about the movie that is decent enough, that we can look past the bad casting. Such is the case when you watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 online. Someone in that movie was completely miscast… but who?

One actor, actually, is always good at giving great quips, like he did with these Batman and Robin quotes. But, this larger-than-life actor should never have gotten into the cold!

Click through and discover our 11 worst casting decisions in superhero movies.

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